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Join the wave of taste and try our normal roll of watermelon.

Our rolls of flavour are prepared with essential oil of terpene food grade to obtain the flavour you need.

You just have to squeeze and pop whenever you want to get the taste.

It is completely safe and hygienically handmade.


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4 reviews for Watermelon

  1. Alvis moran

    Thanks for your support after my order stuck and making it available soon. You guys did your best for me.

  2. Alvi S.Emmos

    I love taste of this watermelon hygienically handmade roll and you shipping service also.

  3. Anthony micky

    water is basic part of our body and it can be any form either simple, cold drink, lemon drink, juice bla bla and bla with different taste. I feel delightful with watermelon taste and suggest you all go for it to change your taste and mood

  4. Darren dorhya

    Boost your energy, boost your appetite and you can enjoy such drink for guest also. We use at home for multiple purpose, and suggest all you try too. Thanks for quality product

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