Pine Drip

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To go on a virtual island trip, all you need is Our Pine Drip.

The smell of these heavenly rolls is very much like fresh apple and mango, it also offers a lasting taste of pineapple, pine, and cedar. It’s known for its long-lasting energetic buzz, which is perfect for productive afternoons and some creative escape.

As all our flavours are known for giving out both convenient and tasty outcomes, so is the case with Pine drip.

Food grade essential oils are used for getting the right flavour. Enjoying these flavoured rolling papers is as simple as Squeeze and Pop.

Please keep in mind they have universal packaging which is done for the shipping.


There are variant real leaf rolls which are handmade in each packet.


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5 reviews for Pine Drip

  1. Annimy Kayla

    you guys did very good to me and sent my order for Pine Drip without extra shipping charges. Keep doing good job.

  2. Patricia Jones

    Thanks for sending long lasting energy booster with delicious flavor. This is really good in taste and smell, 5 star from me for your item! :):)

  3. Matt hornsi

    They offer a pre-rolled 5 Mini Pack with a Pineapple taste. For long trip and holiday we carry these rolls and they energetic, mood changer for us. Thanks for best rolls

  4. Jack Cofinn

    We don’t think we can get better to this, my wife super happy and amaze with rolls flavor. Her nerve system doing better to previous and I have positive results. Thanks to my friend and you too for such amazing quality pre-rolls.

  5. Churan Jerry

    If you never used it yet, you are not aware how tasty delighted and best flavor this pine drip have. I gonna use it till my mouth and mind turns back on it.

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