Chill Preroll (Indica)

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This chill pre rolls is of Indica strain which is known for providing a very relaxing and strong body high, which is known to be very helpful in treating general anxiety, body pain, and sleeping disorders, such as insomnia.

They are known for having leaves which are wider and broader and have a deeper colour and the buds are more plump, dense and often more robust than Sativa.

This pack contains 5 very easy to use pre rolls of indica.

In the pack there is a Sturdy Bamboo Packing Stick and one humidity control packet added for convenience of the client.


Green, Purple, Red

5 reviews for Chill Preroll (Indica)

  1. Dean henry

    Little, quality and nice packing for my order. I got early today and guys was super cool. Thanks for sending order fast!!

  2. tom lebrt

    This Indica is best relaxing for sleeping disorder and body pain, easy to make payment and supportive staff. Thanks for everything.

  3. R. Mark

    You delivered one of top quality indica on time. Thank you

  4. John Cirksey

    Best quality indica and marijuana medical provider you are in ottawa canada. 🙂 🙂

  5. Ritikas morg

    A super high quality indica i getting for long time to you and I am mostly cure with anxiety and insomnia. I thankful to you and amazed with super quality marijuana. There many seller who claims for best but you really have good marijuana

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