Berry Terp

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This Berry Terps is known for opening an out of this world experience and form of enjoyment. The blueberries are known for having the fresh sweet flavour which offer a relaxing result and a long-lasting sense of euphoria.

These flavoured pre-rolls are made in a manner which is very convenient for the user.

Just squeeze the terpene-infused roll and you are good to go.

Always check the back of the packet to make sure about its contents.

A packet will contain one humidity control packet within it, for your convenience.

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This fascinating Berry taste in the form of pre-rolled of variant Mini Packs will leave you with a positive tangling sensation on your taste buds.


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6 reviews for Berry Terp

  1. Dan hankle

    Great blueberry taste with powerful indica. I must giving you 5 star for super indica delivery and thank you

  2. Kayla Nik

    You guys deserve better to 5* but that not possible. So only thanks and 5* for you.

  3. Moris Honk

    Thanks for fast shipping of super delightful, fresh and sweet flavor palm blueberries. I did note this you are so serious, dedicated with every single order each time.

  4. Morgon wan

    First order for super delightful berry, superior transport and supportive in everything. Great job.

  5. Sumit

    I LOVE this flavor! I now have the Berry Terps and Banana Cream on subscription. I just needs these flavors in the Rollies…

  6. Tong kisksey

    I LOVE this flavor! I now have the Berry Terps and Banana Cream on subscription from you. I just needs these flavors in the Rollies…recommended to all

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