Indica vs Sativa vs Hybrid : Which Strain would work the best for you?

To choose the ideal strain is tough, but with proper understanding about how these strains work on you and how do they help you relax yourself, you can choose which strain would work the best for you!.

Sativa (Head High)

Sativas are often referred to as the “daytime” strains ,since Sativa Strains tend to make you more dynamic in your activities by energizing you , and you can feel a lift or a stimulating effect after the consumption of this sativa marijuana strain. Often Sativa Strains have been known to be helpful in relieving in situations such as chronic pains, depression, appetite loss, or mitigating stress or anxiety, although a lot of people tend to enjoy sativas to increase concentration and focus and boost their creativity as well.

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Certain effects of Sativa Marijuana Strain Include-

  • You feel happy, dynamic and active and energetic.
  • If you keep zoning out and want to feel productive and much more creative than usual!
  • Similar to the release of happy hormones in our body.
  • A feeling of relaxation of Euphoria
  • Making you enough energetic to do regular chores

Sour Diesel,Jack Herer,Green Crack,Durban Poison are some of the most popular sativa strains to satisfy all your needs!

Indica (Body High)

Generally,Indicas are associated with full-body effects, for example,back pains or muscle pull. Indicas are considered to be helpful in aiding relaxation thus they are best for use during the night and might also help in curbing insomnia.

Indica effects

    • known as “nighttime” strains, used for relaxing and sometimes inducing sleep at night as well!
    • Helpful in conditions of Insomnia creating a “couch-lock”.

Bubba Kush,Northern Lights,and Blueberry are some of the popular Indica Marijuana Strains.


Hybrid strains are derived from indicas and sativas, and can be both sativa or indica dominant(Indica vs Sativa).Since Sativa and Indica are the parent strains of the Hybrid Strain , the properties served by the Hybrid strains are indeed a combination of both parent strains – Sativa (daytime strains) and Indica(nighttime strain).

Hybrid strains can serve you accordingly(depending on the quantities of parent strains used in the hybrid )- can be helpful for both – a relaxed and sound sleep and in relieving depression or stress/anxiety as well.

How to choose the Ideal Strain for you?

Indica vs Sativa vs Hybrid –

Analyze your Body Conditions :

BodySituations can reflect a lot about you and might even actually help you in choosing the best marijuana strains. For example- if you are feeling a bit dizzy or drowsy during the day time, then Sativa Strain would work the best for you and make you energetic during your day.

Know your limit :

Just be comfortable in the quantity that you are opting for whichever the strain it may be.Also, take extra care about which types are strains suit you and which don’t. This will help you in choosing better.

Purpose of Consuming:

Whether you are consuming strains just for relaxing and or getting euphoric , or you are using them as medications (upon prescription of a health expert), you always need to be extra careful while consuming the strains and can always take help from an expert if you are unsure about the same!