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How much of Weed is Too Much?

Marijuana (cannabis) is known to be a fully benign drug. Reading the arguments made by weed proponents would appear to have beneficial effects only on cannabis. Ask every stoner in the sixties about his or her bad experiences and it is clear that marijuana does not always consist of rainbows and unicorns.

Marijuana is far less dangerous when drugs are used than many other commonly abused substances, including alcohol. There is plenty of evidence. But it’s far less risky to assume that it’s completely safe. Marijuana has no clear overdose definition.
Whether to make a good night’s sleep a good night, alleviate pain, relieve depression, or as an alternative to other medications and alcohol, what is the correct cannabis for use? It is fair, however fearful it may be.

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What are the risks of death?
Some people wonder if an overdose of marijuana can lead to death. Some isolated cases have been reported involving marijuana in the death of people.
There has however been no direct causal connection. Whether these cases have other contributing factors (like prior heart conditions) is not clear to medical experts.

Additional adverse consequences
Marijuana is an unusual drug since it has multiple active ingredients. Although scientists mention different numbers, over 100 other cannabinoids are supposed to be found in cannabis in addition to THC. Not all these act as a similar way.
Get too much THC and a psychoactive reaction that doesn’t vary from a stimulant could be present. More sedative effects are related to cannabidiol ( CBD). Cardiac arrhythmia and sudden heart arrest have been reported during smoking. Both the seizure and seizure reduction reports appear to be based on what type of cannabinoid.

What is an edible overdose?
And the manner in which they are eaten also makes a difference. For instance, a user can eat too much THC as it takes more time to see its effect. If one brownie doesn’t work, another is taken … and perhaps another one. They’ve got a serious reaction suddenly.
Edibles are also much more likely to have overdosed accidentally. Normal accidental smoking of marijuana does not occur.

All in all, we can say that marijuana consumption (how much is too much), depends from person to person. There’s no such fixed quantity for intake of marijuana. Everyone has a different limit and capacity. Always start in small quantity. After you have tried 2-3 times, you will get to know your limits and then you can have accordingly for your 420 lifestyle.

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