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Social Preroll (Hybrid)

These Social Preroll Hybrids are great for all the people who want a balanced high.

Enjoy a toxic-free great high which is not too overwhelming with our Hybrid Social Pre-roll. All rolls are made with Terpene-infused food-grade essential oil. It gives amazing Mild effects that keep you a bit of energizing, optimistic, and relaxed.

This Social Preroll product is best 420 lifestyle product you can get at this price at Palm Pre Rolls. You get smooth smokes, which uplifts your mood and makes you a bit high. It is super easy to use, with our amazing pop and squeeze feature. Please check contents of the pack on its backside.

Chill - 7 Pack (Indica) Chill Petites, Chill Preroll (Indica), palm cbd pre rolls, mini rolls cbd, indica

Chill Preroll (Indica)

This chill pre rolls is of Indica strain which is known for providing a very relaxing and strong body high, which is known to be very helpful in treating general anxiety, body pain, and sleeping disorders, such as insomnia.

They are known for having leaves which are wider and broader and have a deeper colour and the buds are more plump, dense and often more robust than Sativa.

This pack contains 5 very easy to use pre rolls of indica.

In the pack there is a Sturdy Bamboo Packing Stick and one humidity control packet added for convenience of the client.

Social - 7 Pack (Sativa), Social Petites - 5 Pack, palm cbd pre rolls canada, palmprerolls, sativa

Social Preroll (Sativa)

Social preroll (Sativa) has a strong tangerine and citrus taste.

Very flavorful and provides carefree relaxation that helps you soothe pain, anxiety and stress.

Appropriately priced and packed for customer satisfaction.

It’s a pre-roll hence it’s quite easy and comfortable to use.

Anatomy of a Palm Pre-roll


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